Tuesday 20thMarch 2018, Kellogg College, Oxford
Supporting Historic High Streets:
The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 2

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Tea and coffee on arrival
Welcome & Recap from Ingredients seminar Part #1,
Louise Thomas, HTVF Director
Promoting mixed modes of travel/ Oxford City Centre Study, Phil Jones, Phil Jones Associates
Who's driving? Town centres in the age of the driverless car, Richard Crappsley, Steer Davies Gleave
Tea and coffee
The overwhelming benefits of mature trees in town centres, Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban
Why better design matters, Vanessa Gregory, Chair, Look! St Albans
Making Places Work, Paul Clement, Central Management Solutions/ British BIDS
Making the High Street legible, Sue Manley, Placemarque
Supporting local heritage, Oluwaseun Soyemi, Heritage Lottery Fund
Tea and coffee
Leadership, governance and the role of civic societies, Ian Green, Oxford Civic Society
Q&A, Round up and future issues to cover

Tuesday 20thMarch 2018, Kellogg College, Oxford
Supporting Historic High Streets: The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 2
Bookings being taken now!  Tickets range from £35 to £130
Delegates at January's seminar described the speakers and walking tour as 'fascinating' and 'inspiring', and so this second seminar will go on to look at:
  • Strategic transport and movement planning
  • Town centre public realm and places
  • What the arrival of autonomous vehicles might mean
  • The importance of street trees and how to incorporate them
  • Planning for better way-finding
  • How communities can take a lead in design quality
  • Joining places up digitally and through collaboration
  • How funding can support historic townscapes, and
  • The role of civic societies and taking the long view.
Speakers include: Phil Jones - Phil Jones Associates, Richard Crappsley - Steer Davies Gleave, Howard Gray - GreenBlue Urban, Vanessa Gregory - Look! St Albans, Paul Clement -Central Management Solutions & British BIDS, Sue Manley – Placemarque, Oluwaseun Soyemi - Heritage Lottery Fund, and Ian Green - Oxford Civic Society.
Come along to find out more, and look out for our Part 3 seminar later in 2018!



Bookings now open for this event!


Supporting Historic High Streets:
The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 1
Tuesday 30th January 2018, Kellogg College, Oxford 

9.30am          Meet at Kellogg College for optional visit to area around Oxford’s new Westgate shopping centre

11.15am        Tea and coffee on arrival

11.30am        Welcome and introduction, Louise Thomas, HTVF Director

11.45pm       Managing Oxford city centre – discussion session, Laurie Taylor, Oxford City Centre Manager

12.15pm       Is the High Street really dead or dying?  Jonathan Burnett, Springboard Research Ltd

12.45pm       Q&A

1pm              Lunch

1.45pm         Shrinking space demands - a strategy for vitality,  John Parmiter, Future High Streets

2.15pm         Understanding local urban character and planning for intensificationJane Manning, Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners

2.45pm         What can a Business Improvement District (BID) do? Catherine Turness, Executive Director, Winchester BID

3.15pm         Q&A followed by tea and coffee

3.45pm         Ageing town centres, Louise Thomas, Director, HTVF

4.15pm         The Community Value of Markets, Professor Sophie Watson, Open University

4.45pm         Regenerating Hillingdon’s High Streets, Councillor Douglas Mills, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, and Councillor Susan O’Brien, Town Centre Programme Adviser, London Borough of Hillingdon

5.15pm         Q&A and seminar close

Events and Topics coming up in 2018

We are getting excited about our plans for 2018 as we have lots of topics that the HTVF would like to address.  Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to future events as a speaker or a host via htf@kellogg.ox.ac.uk.

Forthcoming 2018 Events and Topics

Tuesday 30th January 2018
Supporting Historic High Streets: 
The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 1
Tuesday 20th March 2018
Supporting Historic High Streets: 

The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 2
at Kellogg College, Oxford
Spring/ Summer
Understanding Local Distinctiveness - the challenge for new housing in town and country, in partnership with the BOBMK network


Spring/ Summer

Under Pressure: Understanding smaller settlements - form, function and setting, in association with The Urban Design Group



World Heritage Sites

Cultural Buildings, Heritage and Community Action



Managing Contemporary and Historic Design and Development #2


Autumn/ Winter

Heritage Action Zones


Autumn/ Winter

Education-led Regeneration and Growth

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