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Understanding Local Distinctiveness: the challenge for new housing in town and country
Thursday 7th June 2018, Kellogg College, Oxford

As development pressures are now being felt by settlements large and small, urban and rural, do we really understand what makes these places special and distinctive?

House builders and developers have a library of house plans that are used to suit local housing markets and different locations, but how can local character influence the design, layout and appearance of new development?

This seminar will examine:
  •  Why local distinctiveness matters
  •  How developers view local character in drawing up proposals
  •  What makes local distinctiveness or the features that identify local character
  •  How to inform plans for change and influence new proposals
  • The mechanisms to capture local character in the design and planning process.
With expert speakers and a hands-on workshop, this seminar will enable delegates to test out toolkits to identify key considerations in local distinctiveness, and develop recommendations on what really matters.

This seminar will be of interest to local authority officers and councillors, civic societies, amenity and local community groups, and development planning and design consultants with an interest in urban design.

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Tickets range from £35 to £155 for HTVF members, non members or students

July - date and location to be announced - Under Pressure: Understanding the form, function and setting of smaller settlements

A full day seminar and hands-on workshop in partnership with the Urban Design Group.

Thursday 20th September - Managing Contemporary and Historic Design and Development #2 - Cambridge
A full day visit to new developments, with group travel options from Oxford too, in partnership with BOBMK.

We'll publish more details once bookings open....