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Supporting Historic High Streets: The Ingredients for Success in the 21st Century - Part 2
Tuesday 20th March 2018, Kellogg College, Oxford

Are historic High Streets in danger of being left behind in the 21st century, or can adapt on strategies create new life in these important civic places? This two-part seminar series will look at a variety of issues and practical actions to revitalise our town centres.

Whether dealing with increasing retail demand or shrinking spending, developing a strategy to support town centres and high streets remains important. This could include managing future growth demands for more retail space, understanding autonomous vehicles, and building virtual communities, or low-tech measures to encourage more footfall, attract new audiences, manage decline, or shape local place-making and cultural heritage.

This seminar series will be of interest to local authority officers, councillors and consultants with an interest in planning, economic development, town centres, urban design, tourism, transport planning and community involvement.

Topics include:
  • Is the High Street really dead?
  • Getting there: future travel modes and measures
  • What a Business Improvement District (BID) can do
  • Becoming a digital High Street
  • Shrinking retail space demands - a strategy for vitality
  • Markets - adaptable and alternative approaches for new audiences
  • The role of tourism in town centres
  • Why investing in better design and quality helps
  • Making great places from undervalued spaces
  • Join a walking tour or take part in a hands-on ideas workshop.

Tickets range from £35 to £210 for HTVF members, non members or students
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